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Exploring Shebandowan

Sky Gold is focused on exploring its flagship nickel-copper-cobalt-platinum group element (Ni-Cu-Co-PGE) Shebandowan Portfolio, comprised of two properties totaling 5,894 hectares situated within the Shebandowan Greenstone Belt in northwestern Ontario. The project is located proximal and in a similar geologic setting as to that of the past-producing Shebandowan Ni-Cu-Co-PGE deposit, mined by Inco Ltd., during the period of 1970 to 1998.


On Trend

The Shebandowan greenstone belt of the western Wawa Subprovince consists of successions of volcanic and sedimentary rocks impinging onto the metasedimentary Quetico Subprovince to the north and cored by a batholithic complex to the south. U-Pb geochronology using mainly zircon and titanite demonstrates a relatively rapid accretion of the greenstone belt in the late Archean.

Compelling Comparisons


The Shebandowan Ni-Cu-Co-PGE mine of Archean-age comprises a world-class example of a premier magmatic nickel sulphide deposit, with mined reserves of 8.6 MT at a grade of 2.0% Ni, 1.0% Cu and 2.68 g/t Pt and Pd (cobalt grades unknown). The model for mineralization at the Shebandowan deposit invokes:

Greenstone belt deposition in a rifted setting - deep sub-vertical penetrative faults tapping the mantle should be present in the exploration area
Vertical ultramafic intrusions or sill complexes host Ni sulphide ore as conduits, proximal to the deep faults
Late mafic dykes within the ultramafic environment indicate extended magmatic activity within the conduits
Strong magnetic expression and conductivity of the Ni sulphide orebodies due to serpentinization (magnetite) of host ultramafic rocks and presence of pentlandite, pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite as Ni sulphide minerals

Exploration Targets

A VTEM airborne geophysical survey completed in late 2023 identified 8 high-priority targets selected for immediate follow-up work and drilling. All 8 targets are coincident with mafic and ultramafic rocks and the crustal-scale Tinto Fault and related splays, displaying similarities in geologic and structural setting with that of the adjacent Shebandowan Ni-Cu-Co-PGE mine.

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